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5 Amazing Months…

Daddy and I just put you to bed (you are 5 months + 1 week now) and we are finally sitting down now to write this blog together. Yep, it took us 5 months to sit down together! Haha…just kidding. Mommy has been delinquent in keeping track of your growth and development along the way, but I promise it is all right here in our heads. So, now is the time to get some memories/favorites written down before we forget. What they say is true…these months just fly by! Continue reading

Labor, Delivery and Your 1st Days

I wrote a birth day poem to remember the amazing moments, thoughts and emotions that I experienced on the day you were born, but I also wanted to write this post, which will be much more of a traditional narrative. This one will help you know what your birth day looked like and will help me keep these memories fresh too! Since you don’t really have a baby book (this blog is it), I think it’s important to record these special stats for you as well: Continue reading