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Denny Lingo & a Summer to Remember

Dad says you hang out with me so much that you’re destined to be a talker.

And indeed, your vocabulary is quickly expanding and it’s so fun to see how you put words together to try to make sense of the world around you. You’re limited, of course, to the words you know, so it is sort of like a puzzle for you to match up things that work together to communicate certain concepts. Continue reading

Being 2 Is Tough

denny_thinkingIt seems years of experience and countless mental files are behind some of those looks you give me. Often, they come after a simple question like “Denny, would you like some apple slices?” It’s some deep level of consideration that I wouldn’t expect from a 2 year old. But then it melts away as you come to your conclusion…all that processing, your shifting eyes and scrunched up nose…and the conclusion is usually the same. I can see your internal wheels turning as you settle on exactly what needs to happen: “I’ll just run around,” you seem to decide.

Okay, so I’ll take that as a “no” to the apple slices.

You have such a simple, pure approach to living. Things are fairly straight forward for you. Priorities include running, jumping, dancing, kicking a ball, watching “hotdog shows” (Mickey Mouse DVDs), and wrestling with Daddy. Continue reading