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Cuteness Overload

denny_coffeeLately you just say the best stuff. I love how you communicate with such creativity, using whatever simple things you know how to say to explain the very complex thoughts and opinions that must be swirling around in your little head. We’ve been writing down some of your funny phrases so we can remember them forever and ever. When you’re 30, hopefully we can bust out this list and reminisce together. I’m sure you’ll love that!

  • – You almost always preface Daddy and Doe’s (Carlie’s) names with “My” like it is just an assumed part of their title: “My Daddy” and “My Doe.”
  • – You’ve been enjoying the show Paw Patrol and you call Rubble (the dog character) “Rubble-de-Dubble” (Rubble on the double).
  • – In December, you couldn’t get enough of the “kissmiss lights” everywhere and you were fascinated by the story of “Baby Jesus, Minnie and Dofus.”
  • – Ever since Christmas, every baby you see or hear of (including your sibling growing in utero) is obviously Baby Jesus.

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