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Mom = the Old Fashioned Google

I had no idea the “questions phase” would come so soon. You’re not even 3 and you are already so curious about all the details of every aspect of…everything. You like to be in the know and you love to learn. And I think it’s just great.

Every Day Kind of Conversations

IMG_0904Mom: Denny, what would you like for breakfast? Some eggs?

Denny: It’s breakfast time, Mom? What’s breakfast?

Mom: You know, Denz…when we eat yummy food in the morning. We do it every day. Would you like some eggs?

Denny: What eggs yook yike (look like)? Continue reading

This Girl…

Well, we found out that “Baby Cole” is actually a girl and since we weren’t planning to name her Nicole, now you are just really confused. My bad, buddy. I was sure it was a boy. It’s actually hard to imagine having a girl, so that’s really the only reason I made the assumption. So, first you thought Baby Jesus was growing in Mommy’s belly (we found out I was pregnant just after Christmas time). And now you are still calling your sister “Baby Cole.” Pile that all on top of the fact that you are 2 and the whole concept of a human growing inside of Mommy is just plain outrageous. For goodness’ sake, I am 30 and have done this once before and the concept is nothing short of dumbfounding to me. Such a miracle! Continue reading