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22 Weeks and Feelin’ Pregnant

IMG_4020The weeks are flying by. And I feel like we’re at a point now where I am just growing every day (I’m starting to wonder where I’m going to get the extra skin to fit around my belly…seriously, how does that work? Is it really just the same amount of skin I had before? If so, why isn’t this more painful? Can you tell I have no idea what’s going on?). For a while, especially since I didn’t deal with any sickness earlier on, I would forget from time to time that I was even pregnant. I hope you aren’t offended, Denny. But you were just growing incognito and Daddy and I were busy with life here on the outside. We are still staying busy with school, soccer, business, workouts and various family activities and volunteer work. But now… you are making it obvious that you’re with us throughout all of these activities.

Embracing the Change

School is full of sweet kids that touch my belly and ask if they can babysit you one day, soccer is now a watching game (for me, at least), workouts are harder, family time is spent talking about you and life is generally different with you around. It is also generally awesome. We are excited that you are starting to make your appearance and get involved in daily Dennstaedt life. I’m now aware of your existence as soon as I wake up in the morning (because I can’t seem to actually get myself into a sitting position without first rolling onto my side and pushing up with my arm… Uhhh, what happened to my core muscles?!?) and all throughout the day as you kick and flip and squirm around. Crazy kid! You move like you have somewhere to go.

Spying on You

IMG_4002A couple of weeks ago we got to check you out at a 20 week ultrasound. Very cool. We were thankful to see that you are growing strong and developing well. Also, I was glad to see that I am not having intestinal spasms… you really are just performing acrobatic stunts all day long in my stomach (we got to witness a few as the tech tried to frantically follow you around with her monitor thing). We’re still overwhelmed with the thought that God is making you – building you – designing you – to be exactly who He had in mind when He planned you before the foundations of the world were laid. We can’t wait to meet you and find out more about who you are! (Apparently, you’re quite a thinker according to your ultrasound photo shoot!)

Oh! And how could I forget? We found out that YOU ARE A BOY!

More on that coming soon in an upcoming post from Dad! 🙂

6 thoughts on “22 Weeks and Feelin’ Pregnant

  1. CliffAnn

    22 Apr on 2013 at 5:55 am

    Wow, you are both so cute! Loving these blogs! Blessings xoxo

  2. Katie R. Dennstaedt

    22 Apr on 2013 at 9:33 am

    Thanks, CliffAnn! Hope you are doing so well 🙂

    • Wanita

      03 Dec on 2016 at 8:22 am

      Reading posts like this make surfing such a plruease

  3. John Mannion

    22 Apr on 2013 at 6:59 pm

    It is so interesting how babies always want to be moving when they can’t actually go anywhere, especially in the stomach. Gonna be an active one maybe?

  4. Carley

    03 Dec on 2016 at 8:16 am

    This article aceivhed exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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