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40 lbs Up & 30 Days to Go!

35_weeksYou and I are having another one of our late nights together. Dad is asleep next to us on the couch and he will be bummed tomorrow when I tell him what he missed tonight. You are absolutely having a party right now! It’s so fun (and also sort of crazy) to watch you move. I feel like you should be running out of room at this point, but I guess you’re still finding enough space to squirm around in there. You have a few more weeks of growing to do, so hang tight…


It is honestly surreal to think that you will be here on the outside with us so soon. I know you are going to change our lives and completely rock my world. But simply knowing that that is true doesn’t mean I know what it will feel like. I am finding this whole motherhood thing very difficult to prepare for. It’s not that I feel scared or confused or unattached. It’s just that I know that I don’t know. I have no idea what it feels like to be a mom. I’m excited to find out, though! And I am at peace with the fact that this is something that is going to catch me off guard no matter how hard I try to prepare. God knows and will provide exactly what we need to be parents. And you will help us learn as we go. And I will do my very best to just enjoy the process and enjoy getting to know you!

God, give us your love, selfless LOVE, overflowing for our son. Fill our home and our family with JOY in your presence. Bless us with PEACE as we rest in your provision. Build PATIENCE in us so we can lead and discipline well.

Every day, Dad prays for you. Your Creator knows you better than we do, but He has entrusted you to us…so, we ask. We ask that He will continue to form you, grow you, breath life into you and draw you to Himself. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life!

OBX shots from '09 and '13

OBX shots from ’09 and ’13

As Far as Pregnancy News Goes:

Well, we have exactly one month until your official due date and if this coming month goes anything like the 8 months before it, it will fly by! We leave tomorrow for Mannion Fam vaca in NH and when we get back, we’ll have to get ready for preseason to begin. August is going to be a great month!

I have successfully gained 40 lbs so far (I am only including this information for record’s sake) and my feet have started to notice. They are like 2 little angry sausages, yelling at me from the ground to stop walking on them and give them a break. Other than that, my only other slight physical challenge/change is in my lower back and hips, where I feel like all of my tendons and ligaments have just turned to jello. I know that is a natural part

Cousins on Mom's side (there are actually 3 preggers in this pic!)

Cousins on Mom’s side (there are actually 3 preggers in this pic!)

of my body loosening and preparing for labor, so I am not worried about it and certainly don’t want to complain one bit. It is just such a weird feeling!

We got showered with more love and gifts from family and friends at a shower at Heidi’s house and then another one with the Compassion Corps staff. We have some pretty wonderful people in our lives! And you have a rockin’ little nursery with many sizes, styles and variations of soccer balls to play with (including an authentic Liberian ball made of reeds and banana/plantain leaves, I believe). 🙂


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