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5 Amazing Months…

Daddy and I just put you to bed (you are 5 months + 1 week now) and we are finally sitting down now to write this blog together. Yep, it took us 5 months to sit down together! Haha…just kidding. Mommy has been delinquent in keeping track of your growth and development along the way, but I promise it is all right here in our heads. So, now is the time to get some memories/favorites written down before we forget. What they say is true…these months just fly by!

A (sort of) Chronological List of Memories/Favorites/Firsts:

  • Wrapping you up in your “baby burrito” (swaddle)
  • Having you sleep in your Moses basket next to our bed for the first month
  • Dressing you in your “baby bag” pajamas
  • Listening to you make crazy gulping noises while you eat (because you are a frantic eater)
  • Cuddling with you while you nurse (you hug me and like to hold my hand while you eat)
  • Having to walk up and down the stairs with you for hours to keep you from crying (because it seemed to be the only solution) – Daddy literally did this until his shirt was soaked with sweat! Good workout!
  • Singing hymns to you to calm you down during your “colic” phase (3 and 4 weeks)
  • Listening to 2 monday night football games in the car while driving you to Wilmington and then King of Prussia and then back home so you would finally fall asleep (Daddy did this – also during your colic phase)
  • Watching how hard you work to get your poops out
  • Brushing your amazing hair into a baby mohawk
  • Cutting your long, crazy hair twice before you were 3 months old!
  • Kissing your big lips
  • Having to intentionally clean out your neck roll every day from trapped spit up (GROSS!)
  • Being able to cradle hold you with one arm (back when you were little, you often ate while I walked around doing other things because it was so easy to hold you)
  • Enjoying you resting and falling asleep on my chest (Daddy)
  • Wishing you would still rest and fall asleep on my chest (once you were 2 months or so, you just got too active to want to ever just lay down)
  • Catching you smiling in your sleep early on
  • Giving you baths in the sink (you love your baths)
  • Giving you the titles of Mad Boy (you do not hide your frustration well), Curious Boy, Brave Boy
  • Witnessing just how much you love your Sophie – we call her your girlfriend! (thanks, Nana)
  • Leaving you to play with Bami in her classroom during many fall afternoon soccer practices
  • Enjoying having the family together to pray over you on your Dedication Day
  • Experiencing your first intentional smile when we played “mommy’s nose, baby’s nose” while you layed in your changing table
  • Experiencing your real first laugh when I lifted you in the air
  • Finding it hilarious that you seem to particularly love your changing table and the bathroom carpet
  • Enjoying lots of time hanging out at Bami and Poppa Johns
  • Taking you to Outback for the first time (special memory for Daddy)
  • Bringing you with us to your first business function: FED 2013 (Aunt Abby came to watch you!)
  • Taking family pictures on the beach with Poppi and Nana out front of The Dunes in Ocean City, MD – your first time seeing the ocean
  • Watching football on Sundays during your first 5 months of life
  • Riding the bus with Aunt Ab and Poppa John on several trips to away soccer games
  • Taking over Aunt Jenna’s bedroom during overnights spent at Poppi and Nana’s
  • Laughing at your pig noises that you would make when you get hungry
  • Naming you “Lizard Boy” during your phase of wanting to put everything in your mouth (months 4 and 5) – you would start to stick you tongue out in anticipation of whatever you were about to chew on
  • Watching how much you loved swimming in the pool during our little FL getaway in January
  • Being amazed at how picky you are about certain things: the way you’re held, which toys you play with, your insistence that someone else always be paying direct attention to you
  • Spending 30 minutes in the mornings with you (usually between 5 – 6am) moving your legs around and massaging your belly, helping you get your gas out
  • Laughing when you pass out as soon as your last fart lets loose
  • Watching how much you just love to be outside
  • Fun times in the creek with Aunt Mc!
  • Having you take showers with Daddy at 5 months (you love the water!)
  • Graduating you from your floor “gym” to your go pod seat
  • Watching you have a blast jumping and swinging around in your door frame bouncer seat
  • Getting a big smile out of you every time we say hello to ourselves in the mirror (I ask “where’s the baby and his mom?” and you smile and look at the mirror)
  • Playing in the snow with you several times during your first winter (Daddy even layed you down so you could make a snow angel!)
  • Doing lots of FaceTime with Nana and Poppi
  • Visits to school to see dad and all the kids during the day
  • Enjoying the sweetest cuddle times during late night (2:30 am) feedings and bringing you into bed with me in the early mornings
  • Getting excited about how close you are to being able to sit up by yourself! So close!
  • Introducing you to some of our favorite foods: avocados, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes and honeydew! You love it all…

You are like Mommy because you: like to sleep in, love being cuddled, don’t discriminate against any foods, fall asleep in the car, love to read

You are like Daddy because you: are mesmerized by basketball, soccer and football on TV (and live!), love cold weather, are super handsome, like to be clean (love your baths!)

There is so much more we could say and you’ve only been with us for a few short months! Imagine all the memories we will make together in the future. It’s going to be so much fun. For now, enjoy this overview and should you doubt any of our comments from above, you better believe we have pictures/video to prove each statement 🙂 Here are some for your enjoyment…

0-5 month(2).001

(Note: some of these pics are definitely more like 7-8 months, but that’s what happens when you go back and try to add pics to a blog a year after you wrote it…oh well…you get the idea!)0-5months.001

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