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A Birth Day Poem for Rae

Rae_I know they say newborns’ smiles are just a fluke

An involuntary muscle spasm

But what do they know?

I think you have a heart full of joy & a belly full of milk

And life is good

That’s what I think

You took your sweet time, a week past due

But it was worth the wait

Although my swollen feet are still bitter

Early morning contractions, followed by a stall

…Followed by park walking

…Followed by burrito eating

Quickly became a drive to the Birth Center, a settling into the blue room

If “settling in” means 4-10 cm. in 45 minutes

You must have learned from your brother

We do life fast around here

Daddy was holding me

Midwife was canceling her appointments upstairs

Bei Bei, Bobbi & Doe were waiting, encouraging

Heidi was rushing

And she was just in time for the moment your life changed forever

From a warm, cozy womb

To a cold, open world

A moment of shock and wonder – and a head of long, dark hair

Out into the unknown

You quickly found a safe place on Mommy’s chest

No tears, just tiny noises

The sound of gratitude for closeness regained

Your tiny body curled up and my eyes locked on you

I would love to lay like this forever

Except for the fact that there is so much life to be lived

There will be soccer practices

Family movie nights

Ocean swimming

Playtime with your brother

Tree climbing

And probably some park walking

And most likely also burrito eating

All these things to be enjoyed together

Now with you on the outside

You’re a part of what makes our family whole

Now my ankles have reappeared, but it’s my heart that’s swollen

Bursting with the beauty of the gift you are

Millions of kisses on your velvet cheeks still wouldn’t be enough

Millions of whispered prayers of thanks will never be enough

So I’ll just soak in these moments and quiet my mind

To take in the joy of it

The joy of knowing & loving you, my girl



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