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Adventures with Friends

me_sarahJune had it’s share of adventure and we’ve got more coming in July and August, so be ready! I got to hang out with some good friends (a couple of them are also pregnant) and I had the privilege of introducing you to the Atlantic Ocean (also a good friend). First, we had a fun day in Baltimore hanging out with our friends Sarah and Giuliana (pictured in belly!)

Thenbrian_beach Dad (my very best friend) was very nice and drove us all the way down to Charleston (while we slept) so we could enjoy the town and the beach there for a few days before heading up to the Outer Banks for a short visit there. Nicole became a Desautel and we had to be there to witness that! Sunday we celebrated Jenna and baby Audrey… so fun! And Robin was home, which meant “the girls” were all on the Outer Banks at the same time for the first time in years!

Dad was awesome and helped us out at the beach by digging a hole for my belly to go in so that I could lay on my stomach. Hahahahaha! So I guess you had your first experience being buried in the sand, too.

laurie_lbiWe came home and were already missing the beach after a few days so you and I headed out to LBI to visit with the Velazquez family and Laurie met us out there too. Unfortunately we had to come home and get some work done because we leave for the Outer Banks again in a week! Woohoo! Summer is beautiful. I really don’t understand why we need other seasons.

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