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Assembly Required, Baby Not Included

Only a few weeks to go and we are really gettin’ ready now. Among the impressive tasks accomplished this week are the following:

  • Nursery totally organized – all clothes divided by size, put in baskets and labeled – baby care supplies are now accessible, toys/books have found a home, etc.
  • Car seat is in the car! – midwife told us last week that might be a good idea at this point – I’m not sure if she just baby_supplieswanted us to be ready or if she secretly knew it would take us a couple of weeks to get used to the sight of a carseat in our vehicle!
  • Pack-n-play set up – this will be your downstairs sleeping/changing area – we hope we did it right – currently, there is a some kind of weird aquatic stuffed animal sleeping in the napper (I think Dad won it “for you” playing ski ball)
  • Our bags are packed for L&D at The Birth Center – most important addition for me: dried apricots – not sure what will prove to be most important for you – my body will feed you and Dad’s arms will hold you…isn’t that all you need? I think you’ll be all set, but I did throw in a couple of diapers and receiving blankets just in case 🙂
  • Last class at TBC will be complete by noon tomorrow – we are going to learn all about how to take care of you in the first couple of days (since we will come home right away, we have to be more aware of things that are usually done/monitored in the hospital)

So Thankful for Lots of Help


nursey_roomWith all that we’ve accomplished, I wouldn’t say that I feel like I am “nesting.” Actually, I probably wouldn’t have any of these things done if it weren’t for other people’s help. Friends and fam have gotten you all sorts of great stuff and Heidi basically set up your whole nursery. If it was up to me, upon entering your nursery, you probably would have been greeted by a crib and a soccer ball. I am so glad that Heidi helped us make your room into a wonderful, organized, cozy space that we can enjoy together. I anticipate having many happy moments with you in that nursery!


This summer, your Dad has helped me a ton around the house. He has cleaned and organized spaces to help us get ready for you! The bathroom is newly painted and caulked and the floor and shower tiles have all been scrubbed! The kitchen cabinets all got reorganized and now there is even space for some of your stuff. Thank goodness for his help!

So now we are all set and ready for you. The furniture is built, the supplies are set, the house is ready and we are educated. Now we just need a baby! Looking forward to meeting you, Denny!

One thought on “Assembly Required, Baby Not Included

  1. carlie mannion

    11 Aug on 2013 at 5:37 pm

    hey Kate!
    I’m so excited to meet Denny! I can’t wait to see his face! You and BD are going to do a great job raising little Denny!!

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