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Aunt Heidi’s Been Workin’

This past week, Aunt Heidi came over one day to help me think about and prep for nursery decorating. Even though it’s a tiny space, there’s some work that needs to be done…mostly because that is the space that we have been using for storage up until this point. Hmmm. With you coming, it looks like we will have to work some magic and make that stuff disappear.

maryland-terrapinsGood thing Heidi pretty much is a magician when it comes to organizing spaces. We had quite a productive day of moving furniture, rearranging decor and making plans for more projects to come. So far, we’ve determined that you will have a turtle-themed nursery! I love this idea because regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, I really wanted the nursery to be green anyway. Plus, this sort of ties in our love for Maryland. The room might not be red, black and yellow, but I think it will be appropriate for you to be surrounded by terrapins from a young age. But maybe not ones that look this scary!

Also, Heidi has been doing some clothes shopping for you and I have to say…I never thought I’d be such a sucker for tiny outfits. They are pretty ridiculously adorable. When I hold up a pair of the tiny baby pants that you will wear in just a matter of months, it seems unreal to me that #1 you would ever be that small (and based on your genes, there’s a good chance you won’t ever be very small! haha) and #2 that I would ever possibly know what to do with a IMG_3352human that small. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. That whole “knowing what to do” issue – I figure that every mother who’s ever gone before me has managed to learn and so will I. I just hope I don’t break you.

Random fact of the week: So far, the most difficult aspects of my pregnancy have been restrictions on certain activities. First we had to cancel our plans for the Liberia trip. And now it’s the fact that I’m not allowed to play soccer. My girls were out playing indoor at school this past weekend and every Tuesday night I get to go watch your dad play. All this soccer watching is giving me the itch to get out on the field. Such a bummer! But such a worthwhile sacrifice to protect you in your little cocoon of fluid inside my belly. And also, I’m thinking that when I can get back to playing, it will be that much sweeter. I have to say, I feel very blessed that these have been my greatest challenges so far. You are certainly giving me an easy time of this whole pregnancy thing and I appreciate that! I know others are not as fortunate and deal with all sorts of sickness and various challenges along the way. So, I will gladly take a few restrictions here and there!

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  1. John Mannion

    06 Mar on 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Great update! The little room sounds great, and I’m sure you’ll be able to use the small clothes for a good amount of time.

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