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Being 2 Is Tough

denny_thinkingIt seems years of experience and countless mental files are behind some of those looks you give me. Often, they come after a simple question like “Denny, would you like some apple slices?” It’s some deep level of consideration that I wouldn’t expect from a 2 year old. But then it melts away as you come to your conclusion…all that processing, your shifting eyes and scrunched up nose…and the conclusion is usually the same. I can see your internal wheels turning as you settle on exactly what needs to happen: “I’ll just run around,” you seem to decide.

Okay, so I’ll take that as a “no” to the apple slices.

You have such a simple, pure approach to living. Things are fairly straight forward for you. Priorities include running, jumping, dancing, kicking a ball, watching “hotdog shows” (Mickey Mouse DVDs), and wrestling with Daddy. Then there are the necessary chores like eating, sleeping and getting diapers changed. You are irritated by every precious second of playtime that gets taken away by one of these mentioned evils.

Managing Toddler Life

I’m also really loving your process for managing emotions. You have this great system that involves scanning the area for an open floor space, which you then run toward and slide your body, face first, into some invisible base. There is a dramatic pause as you come to a screeching halt. Usually your little arms are outstretched and your face is down on the floor (this is where Daddy and I have to try hard to keep from laughing). You most often make use of this coping mechanism when you want to protest some great injustice, such as being told you have to share with Asaph. But you also have been known to do the same thing when you are clearly feeling overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

I guess I just love that you have such a funny balance between visible demonstration and internal control. Your little “episodes” are fairly silent. You don’t put up a big fight or scream or cry…you just quickly assess the surrounding space and make your move toward your prostrate pose. If this is you throwing a “terrible two’s tantrum,” then I can’t kiss you enough for being so much like your Dad. That is the most controlled tantrum I’ve ever seen. It’s just as if the grown version of Brian Dennstaedt became a toddler and I am now witnessing it with my own eyes. Hah! But at the same time, I love that you do something with the emotions you have. It may not be dramatic, but it’s your own little way of being self-aware and managing all those wild feelings that a two year old must have (to me, it seems you basically just have two major emotions: extreme excitement and occasional irritation).

Note: Looking back on this now (Spring 2016), I just have to laugh at how much has changed. Your “protests” are much more noisy now and look far more like what I would have imagined from a two year old. It’s amazing how your approach changed as you found more words… 🙂

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