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Boys of Summer

Well, we’ve had another awesome summer. Less traveling this year, but still just as much fun. You are really a hoot now that you are talking up a storm (we can’t get you to stop) and of course, you’re always looking for adventure around every corner.

Daddy’s Mini Me

You’ve been loving your special time with Daddy this summer especially. You guys are buds (or “boys forever,” as you describe your relationship). I try not to be too crushed when you are clearly disappointed that I am the one putting you to bed or taking you out somewhere. I really love the fact that you are obsessed with your Dad. However, you take a stake to my heart sometimes when you tell me “Mom, you not my best friend. Daddy my best friend.” Ahhhhh, I see.

But it’s all good, buddy. Seasons come and go and soon we will all be adjusting to having a new family member around and things will change again. Although I’m sure you will always have a great relationship with your Dad, I hope that someday you will also find me to be a suitable playmate once again.

For now, live it up, dude! Your Dad is pretty awesome and you are a lucky kid to be able to hang out with him every day.


Here you are, just moments after you first realized that the puddle jumper would keep you floating and you could “swim” free! You were so pumped! You kept yelling, “I cannot believe it! Best day ever!” (exact words)



You and Dad being your cool selves at the Philly zoo during one of our fun adventure days. You two are something else. I love this pic because it sort of sums up your little personality during this summer you turned THREE. You’re Daddy’s mini-me.

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