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Cuteness Overload

denny_coffeeLately you just say the best stuff. I love how you communicate with such creativity, using whatever simple things you know how to say to explain the very complex thoughts and opinions that must be swirling around in your little head. We’ve been writing down some of your funny phrases so we can remember them forever and ever. When you’re 30, hopefully we can bust out this list and reminisce together. I’m sure you’ll love that!

  • – You almost always preface Daddy and Doe’s (Carlie’s) names with “My” like it is just an assumed part of their title: “My Daddy” and “My Doe.”
  • – You’ve been enjoying the show Paw Patrol and you call Rubble (the dog character) “Rubble-de-Dubble” (Rubble on the double).
  • – In December, you couldn’t get enough of the “kissmiss lights” everywhere and you were fascinated by the story of “Baby Jesus, Minnie and Dofus.”
  • – Ever since Christmas, every baby you see or hear of (including your sibling growing in utero) is obviously Baby Jesus.

  • When you’re pumped, you say, “Oh boy! I excited!”
  • You’ve been congratulating me lately on my genius plans. I’ll say, “Denny, after we go to the grocery store, let’s stop at school and see Daddy.” And then you affirm my choice: “Great idea, mom!”
  • You can’t shoot hoops without “pumpy music” (pump up music).
  • For a while, the main thing you said was “Right here! I show you!” (accompanied by handholding and leading people to wherever you wanted them to go).
  • You matter of factly declare to anyone sitting behind a desk, “I need a lollipop.” (I guess you assume they are all bank tellers??)
  • When you’re done “playing time” in the tub, you transition to your belly and denny_paintingstart to move your arms and legs everywhere, declaring, “swimming time!”
  • You’re fascinated by passed gas. You yell, “a toot!” and then also point your finger at the culprit and exclaim, “S’cuse YOU!”
  • As my belly has grown, you’ve been very sweet, often coming over to rub it and remind me, “Baby Cole growing.”
  • You must have watched some show or movie with a wolf in it. So now, whenever you hear the neighborhood dogs howling and barking, you say (very dramatically with a theatrical pause), “It sounds like…a WOLF!” You’ve also used this same phrase to identify fire trucks: “It sounds like…Marshall!” (paw patrol). Most recently, you woke up from a nap and stood at the top of the steps and before you made your descent to the living room, you announced yourself, “Sounds like…me!”
  • We roped off a little corner of the room and I let you hang pieces of fabric with clothes pins. We put your cool soccer ball chair behind the make shift curtain and you declared it to be “the coolest fort ever!” and insisted on having your snacks inside of it for about 2 weeks.
  • The other day I caught you digging for boogies and you told me, “I picking nose, Mom. You try it!”
  • I dressed you one morning and I guess you were anticipating a warmer day than I was. You politely told me, “Mom, I need different pants” and suggested, “Maybe shorts pants?”
  • denny_tie– We’re not sure where this originated, but you started to ask for “4 more minutes” of something that you wanted to do. You’re very good at bartering anyway (ex: Mom: Denny you can watch ONE show. Denny: Ok, how bout 3 shows?) Now you just constantly ask for “four more minutes” of shows.
  • – I gave you an apple to eat in your carseat one day. A few minutes down the road, I hear from the backseat, “Mom, it’s a semi circle!” and when I looked back, you had eaten exactly half of the apple. A minute later, you happily declared, “Tiny nuts inside!” (the seeds).
  • – When we’re driving, you always want to know where we are and where we are going. This is how you ask: “Where are ye?” and “Going next?”
  • – Whenever we get in the car, you run through the options of places you think we might be going: “Bei Bei’s house? Church? School? Soccer game? Playground?”
  • – Daddy introduced you to Rita’s. You call it “coldy ice.”
  • – You affectionately refer to your friend Max by your own special pronunciation of his full name: “Mackimus Fancis” (Maximus Francis).
  • – Now that you know your own full name, you introduce yourself to new friends on the playground by walking up to them and simply stating, “John Carroll.” The name enough is clearly sufficient. No need for “hi” or “my name is…”
  • You tripped down a couple of steps and after you cried for a second and recovered from the incident, you said, “That was a tough one!”
  • You think waterfalls are called “water farts.”
  • One morning I told you that you were my favorite boy. You responded by reassuring me, “Mom, you’re my boy forever.”
  • Whenever you are waiting for something, you sort of whisper in a weird voice under your breath, “patience…patience…patience….” It’s really hilarious and also pretty strange. We think you sound like Smeigel and the first time we realized what you were doing, I think Daddy and I both just starred at each other wide eyed. You’ve also been known to happily declare to us, “I being soooo patient!” after you feel you’ve done a great job waiting for something you wanted real badly (usually juice).
  • You often tell me know how much you love me and that I’m your best friend. But some days Daddy is your best friend…or Ace…or Jake.

Some funny things you’ve done lately:

  • At the varsity boys’ soccer game at DC last season (you were just 2), you ran so fast all the way up that big grass hill and totally escaped from me while I turned
    my head away from you to watch probably 10 whole seconds of the game. We were on the side behind Daddy’s bench and the only way I realized you were all denny_cutethe way at the top of the hill was that a bunch of the TCA fans on the other side of the field were frantically yelling my name, waving their arms and pointing up the hill. There you were, at the very top, so proud of yourself.
  • You love to blow kisses and also catch them. When you capture the air kiss that someone sends you, you put it in your heart (slap your hand against your chest). It’s so cute to watch you and Daddy do this back and forth in the mornings when we drop him off at school for the day. Usually on the drive home or when we get home, you remind me, “I miss my Daddy.”
  • We go to this little playground in the neighborhood near school and they have some pretty outdated equipment. You like the little animals that you sit on and rock up and back, but there is one that is sort of tough to identify and every time we go there, you do a roll call, pointing and yelling out the kinds of animals you recognize (horse, duck, etc.)…then when you get to that weird one, you just start cracking up because you don’t know what to call it!
  • You insist that our living room is actually an “opacle course” (obstacle course). In fact, you and Daddy have designed a couple of variations of a course that you do and then Daddy awards you a metal when you get to the end…then in true champion fashion, you bite the metal.
  • Daddy has helped you develop some bad habits, including eating lots of popsicles and veggie and chip dips. You can successfully use the same carrot to eat probably a full cup of dip. It’s easy when you don’t actually eat the carrot, but just use it as a scooper to get the dip from the container into your mouth. Nasty.
  • The second you notice I am distracted (this especially happens if I dare answer the phone), you immediately push the big ottoman from the living room into the kitchen so that you can climb onto it to get yourself up on the counter. Then you ferociously start eating as many kids vitamins as you can or try to microwave items you snatch off the fridge.
  • You absolutely love coffee and are always trying to sneak sips of mine and Daddy’s.




3 thoughts on “Cuteness Overload

  1. Katie R. Dennstaedt

    17 Apr on 2016 at 8:03 pm

    I just realized that pic of him in the bath looks like he murdered a small animal and smeared its blood everywhere. But that is actually just bath finger paint.

  2. Tricia Stefanko

    17 Apr on 2016 at 8:20 pm

    I loved reading this more than you know! I miss you guys. Congratulations on baby number 2! So happy for you! Glad all is going well ! XO

    • Katie R. Dennstaedt

      17 Apr on 2016 at 8:24 pm

      Miss you, Trish! We need to have a pool day date this summer!

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