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Daddy’s High On Life

Baltimore-Ravens-LogoWell, it has happened. The most glorious thing has occurred!


It was all so perfect, really. Ray Lewis announced his retirement about a month ago and then the Ravens just kept winning…and winning…and winning. What a perfect ending for his career. And what a great moment to be a Ravens fan! Your Dad is so pumped and I am pumped for him. Very exciting.

FYI: You’ll need to know who Ray Lewis is. This will be a prerequisite for being a part of our family, so I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can be ready for the Ravens quiz you’ll receive upon being birthed. Well, I’m guessing that immediately upon being birthed there may be a few more important items to attend to, but let’s assume that immediately upon the completion of those items, you will be quizzed.

Question #1 (Dad holds up poster-sized image): Who is this man?

“Ray Lewis,” you say! So far, so good. You’re 1 for 1. Next, Dad asks questions about Flacco’s average passing yards per game and the total number of running yards Ray Rice had this season. Ahh, nothing like family bonding time. Nothing like getting our priorities straight!

The superbowl was a great night – one of many Sunday nights spent at Nana and Poppy’s house cheering for the Ravens in our “assigned seats” and with some of the most delicious food to be found (Ledo’s pizza and Graul’s dill dip with veggies).

Here we are, celebrating the win! And then shortly after the game was over, we were celebrating you! (We shared the news with them during post-game interviews.) They are excited!

Soon we get to tell the Mannions! We’ll be with them this coming weekend, so we’ll let them know about you then.

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