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Denny Lingo & a Summer to Remember

Dad says you hang out with me so much that you’re destined to be a talker.

And indeed, your vocabulary is quickly expanding and it’s so fun to see how you put words together to try to make sense of the world around you. You’re limited, of course, to the words you know, so it is sort of like a puzzle for you to match up things that work together to communicate certain concepts. Some of my favorites:

“Vroom Vroom. Me!” (I want to get in the car.)

“Woof Woof. Mo [More] Woof Woof” (There are two dogs.)

“Bah. Fi. Shooow.” (I want my blanket and pacifier and I want to watch a movie.)

doe_summerYou also love doing something we’ve termed “roll call.” This is when you list out the names of everyone who is currently hanging out with you. I think it started on our summer road trip adventure with Carlie (Doe). The four of us spent many hours together in our little Ford Fusion and so the roll call was always the same (and was often repeated over and over like a little song):

Daddy, Mommy, Doe, Me! Daddy, Mommy, Doe, Me! Daddy, Mommy, Doe, Me!

(to this day – Spring of 2016 – you still will frequently get into your carseat, look to the empty seat beside you and say, “I need Doe” or “Missing Doe.”)

A Special Summer

IMG_1772You love your family and really enjoyed your special time this summer IMG_1767hanging out with Nanny (Nana) and Hoppa(Popi) and Bei Bei (Bami) and Hoppa (Poppa John). Yup, both of your grandfathers are currently getting called “Hoppa.”

We had a blast road tripping out west with you and Doe and were excited that you got to see the Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone before you even turned 2! Our trip included visiting the Byrds in CO IMG_1618and the Hales in MS on our way down to FL, where we concluded our whirlwind tour at the IMG_1605Villages (complete with a day at Disney)! Woo. Daddy was calling our trip #FLbywayofWY

Our time in Florida also included a week in Tampa with the Mannion fam and after FL, we hit up the OBX for some quality time with the Dennstaedt/Sawyer clan. So far, you’ve adjusted just fine to Mommy and Daddy’s summer lifestyle, which includes hardly ever sleeping in our own beds.



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