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Excitement All Around

Tonight we were at the Mannion’s to celebrate Dad’s and Uncle Ry’s birthdays with some delicious chicken enchilada dinner and a good time hanging out with family. Since we were all together (minus John and Corrie – we called them right after dinner), we thought it would be a great time to let everyone know that you’d be making your debut this summer (right after our family vacation to the White Mountains, I might add).

I had made t-shirts for Aunt Ab and Car and had wrapped them in boxes. Across the front, they read, “Great Sisters make Awesome Aunts!” When they opened their shirts at the dinner table, the girls just stared at the fronts for a second, trying to figure out what they said and why there were pictures of babies on them. Your Aunt Heid and your Grandmom (yet to be named), however, got a glimpse of the shirt backs, where the titles “Aunt Ab” and “Aunt Car” were written in large print… And then it was just excitement for the rest of the night!

We determined a few things tonight:

  • The “Poppa John” name is a go
  • We need a good name for my Mom (no, Mammy is not acceptable)
  • This whole having kids deal is now “more of a thing” (Uncle John quote)
  • You will be my Grammy’s 13th great-grand!
  • Your Dad doesn’t know how to appropriately announce your existence (his direct quote while talking to Aunt Lynn was, “I impregnated Katie.” Awesome.)
  • Poppa John noticed I was a little “puffier” and thought I was just “bulking up” from my workouts!
  • Mom’s enchiladas are delicious!

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