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“I Dest a Yittle Boy” …and other amazing things you say

IMG_4290This is a list to be continued. I intend to add to it over the next few months so we have another catalog of the great stuff you are saying in this next season of your little life as you are quickly approaching 3! Your verbal skills are getting more impressive, but the content of the conversation is still just as hilarious.

  • You like to label things and refer to them as “my peshal sings” (my special things). And you have a bunch of them – some are actual items (like your treasure maps or the fort you make for yourself against the wall when you open the front door and laundry room door into each other) and some are actions (like when you build a tower with the couch cushions or when you bury your paw patrol figurines in the dirt in the garden and then immediately dig them up, acting so impressed with yourself that you discovered such an unexpected treasure).

  • There is no such word as “buzzing” in your vocabulary. But there is certainly such a thing as “beezing” – and it is the sound that occurs when a bee or fly is nearby…and also when the neighbors are using certain types of lawn care equipment.
  • You are totally fascinated with bugs of all types. Ants and rolly pollies are your favorites. I told you one time that ants are hard workers and you, mistaking “work” for “work out,” always ask me if the ants are tired from their work out at the gym. After spending a few minutes chasing a rolly polly around our yard one day, you told me, “Wow, mom. Dis buggy is so good at hide and seek!”
  • Apparently you have my blood cause the mosquitos LOVE you too. It probably doesn’t help that now that it’s nice out, you are often playing in or near water and IMG_4391many times, you are naked or close to it. After the first time you came inside covered in bites, I talked to you about how we’d need to use bug spray from now on and you became very aware of this serious issue of “skeeto bites” (mosquito bites). We talked about briefly, but what I didn’t know was that you thought those two words together made up the name of a bug. You didn’t really separate the “bite” part. So the next time you went outside, you immediately started looking around and calling out, “Skeeto bites! Where are you, skeeto bites?”
  • Your favorite games these days are building “gates” that trap people into certain parts of the room by piling up pillows and toys and anything you can find into a huge barrier (awesome to clean up), bowling blocks down with a ball, getting daddy with the hose, jumping from pillow to pillow (or big blocks) set up around the floor (you call it the lily pad game), daddy gets you game (chase…or as you ask for it, “fastest get me, Daddy!”)
  • You play your own version of the rock-paper-scissors game. It only includes paper and scissors and you decide and tell me beforehand which one you are going to be and you tell me that I should be the other…because everyone knows, it’s not the winning that matters. It is all about making sure that at least one person picks paper and at least one person picks scissors. That way we can be sure that imaginary cutting can take place every time.
  • You are now officially aware that only boys have penises. You check occasionally to make sure I also am aware of this information. You actually told me one day, “Mom, I love my penis.” Wow. Didn’t know that started at 2 years old.
  • As you have started to discover some of the important differences between boys and girls, you are constantly identifying what everyone is. “Mom, you a big girl. I a yittle boy. Daddy a big…girl!” (Then you start cracking up at yourself cause you just purposefully made a joke.)
  • The “yittle boy” label is one you’re holding onto. You are so funny because as much IMG_4321as you want to be independent and in very big boy style, you are constantly letting me know what your preferences and plans are, you are smart enough to know that sometimes, being little pays off. So, when I want you to try to use the potty, your response: “I not do dat. I dest a yittle boy” (just a little boy). Or, when we have been recently trying to have you go to sleep by yourself without one of us laying with you, you give us such a sad face when we walk out and offer this very compelling suggestion, “You lay wif me, Mom? I dest a yittle boy.”


  • You love “pic pics” (picnics) and as long as there is a blanket to lay out on some surface, you are satisfied. Picnics on the living room floor are acceptable, but of course, you love the outside ones best. You especially love the idea of eating just a popsicle or just some smarties (your favorite candy) outside and calling it a picpic. You are still of the opinion, for the most part, that eating real meals is a waste of good play time that could be had. I usually chase you around with bites of whatever kind of food I can get you to eat while you maintain your usual playful pace.
  • You think that the dead, dried up worms on the sidewalk are snake poop. And I haven’t bothered to correct you because (1) I think it’s cute and (2) I don’t know if I am ready quite yet to have the conversation that would have to happen after you ask, “What ‘dead’ mean, Mom?”


  • You make the most adorable face (and sound) whenever you try to pronounce words that start with sn. You scrunch up your nose and focus really hard. It takes you a second to get the word out and it comes with this awesome, nasal exhale. Sometimes, just for fun, I ask you to say things like: “The sneaky snail wants a snack.” Your face muscles work so, so hard.
  • If you don’t think you are able to do something (or if you just don’t want to try), you tell me, “I not can do dat, mom.”
  • If you are not enjoying a particular event or activity, you let us know by explaining, “I not love dis game.” We’ve tried to explain to you that haircuts and dinner time are not actually “games” as much as they are just requirements. But in your world, I guess everything is a game. And there are some games that you like more than others.
  • The road to our house is lined with tons of huge trees and you affectionately refer to it as “the tree fort.” You get excited whenever we drive through it because you love forts of all kinds and you also love knowing that we’re getting close to home.
  • Earlier this year, we took a trip down to visit John and Corrie in Va Beach and you and Ace were very fascinated with their pets. Ever since then, when we talk about your aunt and uncle, you matter of factly remind us all in a roll call like tone\: “John and Corrie. Two cats. One dog.”
  • Doe (Carlie) taught you how to spell your name – complete with an exclamation mark at the end! However, you cannot pronounce “exclamation,” so she taught you to abbreviate it and just call it an “e-point.” Now, whenever you spell your name, you say: “D – E – N – N – Y – e-point.” And if you see your name spelled out in writing somewhere, you happily declare, “Dat says Denny. But where the e-point is?”
  • You watch this little Disney short film about John Henry, the legend of the steel-driving mighty man. There’s a catchy song on the film that goes, “John Henry was a mighty man. Born with a hammer in his hand.” You decided to change the name instead to “John Carroll” and sing it about yourself – and on repeat – for 3 days while we were on a mini vacation with the Mannion family in western PA. By the end of the trip, it was stuck in everyone’s heads.
  • You’ve become so accustomed to cheering for TCA sports teams that you just say “Go TCA” whenever you see anyone playing anything. Ravens playing on TV?….”Go TCA!” Or your little friend Atticus playing in a local rec. basketball league?…”Go TCA!”


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