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Live in Love

denny_blanketSome thoughts for today…on what loving you is teaching me:

This more than a feeling – this heart exploding kind of ache that actually feels good somehow. It’s so good it hurts and so intense it feels other-wordly. And it is.

It is not of Earth, not conceptualized by man (or woman), not launched as some strategic project, not built by hands (though it is manifested often by them), not measurable. Not even close to measurable.

How could we put a height or a depth or a weight on something so beautifully heavy, so massive, so…intense? The moment we try, we ruin it. We cannot even describe it, let alone quantify it. And as for analyzing it – well, that always leads us back to the One.

One answer to the equation for ultimate fulfillment in a world so unfulfilling. God himself. Not just the originator of this love, but the very love itself. It is Him and He is it. Now, let us live so in love!

(1 John 4:16)

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