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Mom = the Old Fashioned Google

I had no idea the “questions phase” would come so soon. You’re not even 3 and you are already so curious about all the details of every aspect of…everything. You like to be in the know and you love to learn. And I think it’s just great.

Every Day Kind of Conversations

IMG_0904Mom: Denny, what would you like for breakfast? Some eggs?

Denny: It’s breakfast time, Mom? What’s breakfast?

Mom: You know, Denz…when we eat yummy food in the morning. We do it every day. Would you like some eggs?

Denny: What eggs yook yike (look like)?

Mom: They look the same as yesterday, buddy.

Denny: I make them, Mom?

Mom: Sure, buddy. Bring your chair in the kitchen so you can reach the counter and help me.

Denny: Good idea! Let’s do it! (these are phrases that you actually use frequently – so cute). How many eggs, Mom? 2? or 4? or Doo-dee-da-da? (yes, you love to make up words)

Mom: How about 4? Then mommy will share with you.

Denny: You share me, mom? Aww, that’s so nice.

Mom: (trying not to laugh) That’s right, buddy. We’re nice to each other because we’re best friends.

Denny: What a best friend yook yike? Daddy my best friend too?

Mom: Yup! You have so many friends!

Denny: I love my friends, Mom? Mom, give me salt, please? We need more salt for ba eggies? (you say “ba” instead of “the”)

Getting to Know My Boy

Obviously, the above conversation could go on and on…and it does, believe me. But I will spare you for purposes of keeping this post short. But this is literally the sound track of our day. I really do love it because it’s giving me a chance to get to know you on another level. Now that you’re so verbal, I can start to understand more about the way your brain works and all that’s going on in your little head and heart. You are a really amazing kid. You’re smart, funny, creative, curious, kind, adventurous, and a little wild.

Google That

denny_frogThe funny part, though, is that you speak in questions about 90% of the time. We always laugh because the intonation of your voice and the way you look at us indicates that you are truly wondering about some important question, but the content of what you say should really usually be a statement.

Example: “Mom, I love playing outside?”

It’s like you just want to double check. As far as anyone who’s ever known you has ever known, you have aways loved being outside. I’m pretty sure you know you love playing outside. But, still…it’s always good to make sure. Especially when your primary source of information is Mom and everybody knows that Mom knows best. So, I can’t blame you, bud. I am your Google. I get it. For example, I know how to spell entrepreneur, but I often still google it just to be sure. I know that there are 4 quarts in a gallon, but that would be the kind of thing I might google – just to check myself. So, how can I blame you when you wake up and the first words out of your mouth are, “I have a good sleepy night night, Mom?” And then immediately following that is another, more important question, “Where Daddy is?”

The Direct Address

It’s also great that regardless of whether you’re asking a question or just making a statement, you pretty much always add “Mom” to every sentence. Sometimes my name sneaks into a single sentence multiple times. (Ex: “Mom, I need fruit snacks, Mom?”) It’s amazing how many times per day I hear that word: MOM. It can be exhausting, but I do love it. I wrote this other blog post on Uncle John & Aunt Corrie’s site – all about how being Mom to you is teaching me more about how God sees me.


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