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My 1st Birthday as a Mom!

Yesterday, I turned 27.

I kept thinking I was celebrating my last birthday with no children, but I was reminded that I do already have a child – you are very much here and GROWING. And you have been making your presence known these past couple of weeks for sure. I officially have no belts that fit!

But anyway, after I got my facts straight (thanks Corrie and Jo for the reminder!) and realized that I was already celebrating my first birthday as a mom, I kept wondering if I would have ever guessed last year on my birthday that this

birthday cupcakeswould be the case. Probably not. Last year on my birthday I was probably busy rearranging house furniture, buying plants and dreaming of the beach – all things I tend to do once a few nice days remind me that there is warm weather on the way (I do love the timing of my birthday because it is usually these middle weeks of March that bring those glorious first few warm days).

…Come to think of it, I was doing all of those same things this year, just with a different twist. I was rearranging furniture to make room for your crib. I was buying a cute little hanging plant to go in front of the window in the nursery. And I was thinking about how fun the OBX will be this summer when we take you there for the first time inside of my what-will-then-be HUGE belly! Pretty soon it will be time to look for a maternity bathing suit. What in the world do those look like?

I just looked. Apparently they are pretty cute!…Here are some potentials:

bathing suits

One thought on “My 1st Birthday as a Mom!

  1. Betty

    03 Dec on 2016 at 8:23 am

    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll cenliarty make note of that.

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