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My Beach Baby

beach studIt makes my heart happy that you love the beach as much as I do. I would be devastated if you were one of those kids who hates the sand and is scared of the waves. In fact, you actually love the sand a little too much (you like to eat it and still at age 2.5, I find you trying to sneak a taste while we’re not looking…I thought only infants did that whole eating sand thing!?).

During the long, cold winter months, I sometimes forget that the ocean exists (what a sad state of being). But then, just like clockwork, at the first sign of warmth and the blessing of that first sunny day, it all comes back to me! And then it’s like work to spend any time not day dreaming of the beach.

We’ve had some good times at the beach and here is a sort of messy collection of pics to prove it:

IMG_1985 IMG_1119 IMG_2209 IMG_1945 IMG_1964daddy_denny at obx IMG_1989denny_mommy_beach3

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