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You can’t be everywhere all the time. But with 400,000 mystery shoppers, we can.



Mystery Shopping

On location experiences can make or break your brand. We understand that COVID-19 has impacted businesses across the globe. We can design a program to ensure that your staff is following proper protocols to keep themselves and your customers safe. All while protecting your brand's reputation by reporting on every location and franchisee's adherence to your brand standards.

Design → Measure → Manage → IMPROVE!

Measure your physical and digital customer experiences


On-Site Mystery Shops

• location appearance
signage standards
first impressions
associate greeting
needs assessment
employee knowledge
• friendliness
speed of service
product quality
interaction scenarios
product displays
point of purchase
product pricing
product availability


Website Mystery Shops

• site navigation
• shopping experience
• product ordering
• checkout
• order confirmations
• finding information
• customer follow-up
• product search
• user experience
• chat interactions
• email inquiry
• form submission
• call center interactions
• delivery experience
• parcel return
• in-store returns


App/Mobile Mystery Shops

• app experience
• ease of use
• overall design
• functionality
• purchase experience
• support options
• customer journey
• pick-up
• ship to store
• ship to home
• third party delivery
• social connections
• chat function
• loyalty and points
• missing features
• transparency


Theatre Mystery Shops

• app experience
movie availability
speed of service
snack variety
snack quality
snack value
trailers shown
screen type
screen quality
theatre capacity
theatre occupancy
sound quality
seating comfort
screen quality

When you recognize, coach, and reward team members for executing your brand standards they will actually pay attention to your brand standards.

  1. Detailed shopper guidelines illustrate brand standards to ensure high quality data is captured.

  2. Objective and customized questionnaires are designed for your Mystery Shopping program that accurately and efficiently capture the on-site operational reality.

  3. Mystery shop questions are based on your operational standards, customer service objectives and corporate goals.

  4. Evaluations enable you to reward your team members and recognize outstanding achievement.


Learn how Mystery Shopping can be the eyes and ears of multi-location businesses with this free ebook!

This ebook provides best practices for mystery shopping that draw upon our experience gleaned from executing more than 100,000 mystery shops every month for clients all over the world.