Livin' up to my "Momma Bird" name!

Daddy’s High On Life

Baltimore-Ravens-LogoWell, it has happened. The most glorious thing has occurred!


It was all so perfect, really. Ray Lewis announced his retirement about a month ago and then the Ravens just kept winning…and winning…and winning. What a perfect ending for his career. And what a great moment to be a Ravens fan! Your Dad is so pumped and I am pumped for him. Very exciting. Continue reading

Letting My Inner Nerd Shine

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I didn’t really want to receive pre-natal care from the obgyn’s office that I had been to previously. They just really weren’t ever able or willing to provide me with what I always really want – information! Appointments are too quick, doctors are too unconcerned and everything about the environment is generally sterile and sort of lifeless. That’s the opposite of what I want! I’ve got a brand new life growing inside of me right now. Somebody get excited and let’s talk about some details! Continue reading