Livin' up to my "Momma Bird" name!

Baby Rae is on the Way

At 39 weeks, we all have a role to play.

Denny_Rae_39wksDenny is busy trying out all the infant gear and supplies that we’ve busted out of storage. He’s having a blast trying to fit himself into swings and climbing in and out of the pack and play, etc.


Yes, the title is “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.”

Daddy is brushing up on his pregnancy I.Q.
and joining mommy on some of these final prenatal visits to make sure he knows what to do if Baby Rae has to be born at home or in the car (just a tiny concern, considering how fast Denny arrived). Continue reading

Boys of Summer

Well, we’ve had another awesome summer. Less traveling this year, but still just as much fun. You are really a hoot now that you are talking up a storm (we can’t get you to stop) and of course, you’re always looking for adventure around every corner.

Daddy’s Mini Me

You’ve been loving your special time with Daddy this summer especially. You guys are buds (or “boys forever,” as you describe your relationship). I try not to be too crushed when you are clearly disappointed that I am the one putting you to bed or taking you out somewhere. I really love the fact that you are obsessed with your Dad. Continue reading