Livin' up to my "Momma Bird" name!

“I Dest a Yittle Boy” …and other amazing things you say

IMG_4290This is a list to be continued. I intend to add to it over the next few months so we have another catalog of the great stuff you are saying in this next season of your little life as you are quickly approaching 3! Your verbal skills are getting more impressive, but the content of the conversation is still just as hilarious.

  • You like to label things and refer to them as “my peshal sings” (my special things). And you have a bunch of them – some are actual items (like your treasure maps or the fort you make for yourself against the wall when you open the front door and laundry room door into each other) and some are actions (like when you build a tower with the couch cushions or when you bury your paw patrol figurines in the dirt in the garden and then immediately dig them up, acting so impressed with yourself that you discovered such an unexpected treasure).

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Mom = the Old Fashioned Google

I had no idea the “questions phase” would come so soon. You’re not even 3 and you are already so curious about all the details of every aspect of…everything. You like to be in the know and you love to learn. And I think it’s just great.

Every Day Kind of Conversations

IMG_0904Mom: Denny, what would you like for breakfast? Some eggs?

Denny: It’s breakfast time, Mom? What’s breakfast?

Mom: You know, Denz…when we eat yummy food in the morning. We do it every day. Would you like some eggs?

Denny: What eggs yook yike (look like)? Continue reading

This Girl…

Well, we found out that “Baby Cole” is actually a girl and since we weren’t planning to name her Nicole, now you are just really confused. My bad, buddy. I was sure it was a boy. It’s actually hard to imagine having a girl, so that’s really the only reason I made the assumption. So, first you thought Baby Jesus was growing in Mommy’s belly (we found out I was pregnant just after Christmas time). And now you are still calling your sister “Baby Cole.” Pile that all on top of the fact that you are 2 and the whole concept of a human growing inside of Mommy is just plain outrageous. For goodness’ sake, I am 30 and have done this once before and the concept is nothing short of dumbfounding to me. Such a miracle! Continue reading