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Prime Real Estate

There are valuable properties. There are beautiful places.

…And then there are those truly special locations – the ones where your people are. The places where you make memories and breathe deep in the joy of moments with company you love.

Sometimes, you get really lucky and get to have all of these in one experience.

prime_realestate2For us,we seem to get lucky frequently [it’s not really luck at all – it’s actually just really generous family members] and we find ourselves doing things like relaxing on remote porch swings in perfect summer evening weather, watching thousands of fireflies put on a show in front of a picture-perfect mountain backdrop.

And other things…like waking up to glorious sunrises over our favorite spot of sand on the Atlantic coast, with nothing in the way of our view of waves aside from a window pane.

We are so grateful for these special spots – partly because they are beautiful places to be, but mostly because we get to enjoy them with the people we love. That’s what makes them truly prime real estate. They’re the places that can’t be bought because these places are more than physical locations – they’re moments in time when togetherness is the only priority and time is felt.

No price tag comes attached to the real estate of family time. It’s just a gift.


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