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So This Is What It Feels Like

I am laughing at myself for a couple of reasons. As the signs and “symptoms” of pregnancy become more apparent, it is also becoming quite clear that our grocery budget is going to see a little increase. I eat everything in sight (currently, a perfect food day for me would include the following: lots of peanut butter, yogurt, soup, several apples and as many pieces of bread as possible…oh, and probably ice cream at some point!). There is nothing really weird or different about what I have been eating, but I certainly eat more of everything than I ever have before. Your Dad thinks this is hilarious. Oh boy. I hope you are growing big and strong, Baby Denny. Cause you know I’m just taking one for the team here…all this eating is for you, buddy!

Also, I have noticed that my nose suddenly has the super power of ultra smelling capability. I am really laughing about this one because I used to give my own mom a hard time about how she always smelled everything! She can smell smoke 20 miles away and she used to always tell me that my lotion and perfume scents were too strong. I can finally relate! Haha. Sorry, Mom. I guess you really can’t help those hormones.

Other funny things I’ve noticed:

  • feel short of breath quicker
  • wake up once or twice during the night to pee (VERY strange – usually, nothing can wake me up!)
  • don’t care for coffee (probably for the best)

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