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The Backstory

So, not long into our marriage, Brian began referring to me as “Momma Bird.” I loved this because #1) I love nicknames and #2) he’ll be the first to tell you that I love being able to take care of him. But really, there is not much that I do to “take care” of him – he is quite self-sufficient. It’s nice to think he depends on me now and then and I do my best to fill that role of taking care of the only baby I’ve had up until this point. (He swears that I actually like it when he gets sick because it is an excuse for me to mother him. Of course, that is not true!)

The name has morphed over time, as all good nicknames should. I am quite used to this experience after growing up with my Dad, who named all of us with random titles that would change multiple times per year. So, it was a familiar and welcome practice for me when Brian started creating and using the variations of the Momma Bird name…. I have been Momma Bird, Bird, Birdie, & Bird Woman. Yup.

For the most part, we have resorted to the short version and we end up calling each other “Bird.” But with this news of the new life growing in my belly, I think it’s a good time to return to my original name. 🙂