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The Little Plastic Thing Said it Was So

pregnancy testI wouldn’t say that we were shocked, but still… there is really nothing normal or average about the day you find out you are pregnant for the first time. I have to admit, after I took the test, I was scared to look at the result. Well, scared isn’t the right word. I guess I was just not sure what to do with myself either way! But eventually, I did look…and when the reality set it, it was surreal. What a wonderful Christmas gift! The gift of new life and a new family member to add to our little crew.

Merry Christmas!

Sharing that moment with your Dad (on Christmas morning!) was really fun. We had a speechless moment, where we just smiled at each other for a little bit. I wonder what your Dad was thinking about during those silent seconds. You should ask him sometime. I remember thinking, “Wow, its amazing how different life can look in a matter of 5 years!” And then, “Wow, its amazing how different the future can look in the matter of a split second!” There I was, staring at a positive pregnancy test and feeling excited in my heart about being a mom. I’m thankful that God brought me to this place. Mostly, I am thankful that He has given me your Dad. This guy is the reason I am excited and confident about being your MOM.NewMom&Dad

2 thoughts on “The Little Plastic Thing Said it Was So

  1. John Mannion

    23 Feb on 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Excited for you guys. Will be great to have a new baby in the family, the first of this generation. Corrie and I are excited to be an uncle and aunt.

  2. Scout

    03 Dec on 2016 at 5:16 am

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