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This Girl…

Well, we found out that “Baby Cole” is actually a girl and since we weren’t planning to name her Nicole, now you are just really confused. My bad, buddy. I was sure it was a boy. It’s actually hard to imagine having a girl, so that’s really the only reason I made the assumption. So, first you thought Baby Jesus was growing in Mommy’s belly (we found out I was pregnant just after Christmas time). And now you are still calling your sister “Baby Cole.” Pile that all on top of the fact that you are 2 and the whole concept of a human growing inside of Mommy is just plain outrageous. For goodness’ sake, I am 30 and have done this once before and the concept is nothing short of dumbfounding to me. Such a miracle!

A Mover & Shaker

I certainly don’t think your sister will be able to dance (based on what I’ve witnessed among the 3 of us, this Dennstaedt crew just wasn’t built for dancing). But I know she will be some other kind of active. She is already trying to keep me awake at night with her endless swimming and flipping. I love it and it is starting to remind me of being pregnant with you and all those special, first time moments!

It is just as amazing this time around. The only thing thOriginal-Mannionsat’s better is knowing she’ll have you as a big brother. You are turning into such a fun, curious, sincere and determined little man. I really enjoy getting to know you better every day. I can’t wait to see how being a friend and protector to this little girl will continue to shape you. Siblings are the best and they are a big part of what makes us who we are.

Pregnancy Stuff

The first 2 months of this pregnancy were interesting. I have never felt so helpless in the sense that I just could not will myself to get up and do much of anything. You pretty much whined at me all day, “Mom, get up and play with me!” But I just couldn’t. I remember walking up the stairs and just collapsing on the bed because apparently the 10 steps took it out of me! haha! What a strange feeling!…sort of constantly nausea with extreme fatigue. I guess that’s the whole morning sickness/first trimester stuff that women always talk about. Who knew!?

My pregnancy with you was so easy. And now that I’m past those initial 2 months, this one has been too. I’m so thankful for good health and my normal energy level back! I will be glad to have my normal thighs back, though. Goodness – they were never small to begin with, but really!? Why do I need to have bigger legs to grow a baby? Why?

24 weeks and counting…I guess it might be time to change the subtitle of this blog site and start writing for both of you now. 🙂

Also, I said that we weren’t built for dancing, but I didn’t say that we don’t get out there and give it all we got. No excuses. Just heart.



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