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Well, This is New…

pressureI’m so thankful that this pregnancy has gone so smoothly and that God gave me an easy first experience with this whole carrying a baby thing. I’ve felt really great the entire time and that’s what made this recent change so distinctly noticeable. This past week, I think I accidentally swallowed a dumbbell and it got stuck in my pelvis.

The Pressure is On

Yeah…wow! There is something serious going on inside my body and it feels like my poor bones are just trying to stay together at thispoint. I’m sure once labor starts, I will be really thankful that they are loosening up and making space.

pelvic_pressureBut right now, I just feel silly because it’s actually difficult to get up and down and move around. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Lots of pressure.

Does this mean you’re coming soon?

I think it must.


3 thoughts on “Well, This is New…

  1. Jo

    19 Aug on 2013 at 12:50 am

    Yes! What a “good” feeling 😉

  2. sarah

    22 Aug on 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Sooo.. I’ll just give it to you straight not to scare you of course but to fully prepare you . That pressure will only get worse once your ready to pop that baby out. Really , if you have the time prepare your body now for labor. If you feel the pain rest , rest and rest. Read a book, take a nap. You will need all your strength for labor listen to what your body is telling you. Not trying to sound like a hippy or bossy. This is the info I would have loved looking in hind sight. Your almost there !! Your little man is coming. I’m praying for you !

  3. sarah

    22 Aug on 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Oh brother, I just thought back to a high school memory. Once or maybe twice we took y
    our books to make you stop working at lunch time. I’m thinking this whole rest concept is not going to go over so good .Just kidding but take a a nap

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